The CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel

About This Project

CLEAR has been running a panel of medicinal cannabis users since 2012 and it has quickly become central to our campaign.The CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel is made up from a diverse group of people for whom cannabis provides a form of treatment for a variety of ailments, and in some cases, the only form of relief possible.

The underlying aim of CLEAR’s medicinal campaign is for cannabis to be available to patients on a doctor?s prescription.

CLEAR takes an active role in guiding members through a step-by-step process to allow them to take a more active role in lobbying government.

During the last Parliament CLEAR led five delegations of the Medicinal Users Panel to meet with Keith Vaz MP, Norman Baker MP, Sarah Wollaston MP, George Freeman MP and Lynne Featherstone MP.

As a panel member, you decide how much you would like to be involved or engaged. The minimum we ask is that you write to your MP. You must be a CLEAR member.

CLEAR Delegation

Delegation of the Medicinal Users Panel at the Home Office
Each member is interviewed by telephone so that there is a clear understanding of how they want to participate. We are careful to maintain confidentiality. Your details will only be used with your agreement.

We work with members to get support from their doctors, both GPs and specialists. Armed with this, we engage their MP, arrange a meeting, request a referral to ministers and, ultimately, representation to a relevant government minister.

CLEAR will support you at all stages, also attending meetings with you, if you wish, providing the other participants agree. CLEAR has limited a limited fund for reimbursement of travel expenses.

If you are a CLEAR member living in the UK and interested in joining the panel, please use our online application form. All information supplied is strictly confidential and kept in accordance to the Data Protection Act.

To view some of the current MUP members, see our Fellowships page.