17 Mar How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain

Download the IDMU report "Taxing the UK Cannabis Market" (PDF file) CLEAR has published a report from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (IDMU) that shows a tax & regulate policy on cannabis could produce a net benefit to the UK economy of ?6.7 billion per annum....

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17 Mar The CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel

CLEAR has been running a panel of medicinal cannabis users since 2012 and it has quickly become central to our campaign.The CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel is made up from a diverse group of people for whom cannabis provides a form of treatment for a variety...

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16 Mar TOKEpure

The evil Weed The government and anti cannabis campaigners in general are usually only too eager to warn about health risks of using cannabis, although the claims they make often prove to be exaggerated or more often than not simply wrong, but for some reason they...

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